Guidelines for the Strategic Development 2017-2021

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A leading European university of health sciences for the prosperity of the society.

We will seek, through the efforts of  all our community, to become one of 701+ best universities in the QS World University Rankings.


The vision will be pursued through our MISSION – to create, accumulate, systematise and spread scientific knowledge and the newest achievements in studies and science, teach and develop a creative, honest, initiative-showing, educated, independent and enterprising personality, foster democracy and welfare, develop a healthy and educated society. The essential role of LSMU in this process of education is the pursuit of a healthy society, which guarantees social and economic progress of the country, its civilizational identity as well as creation, support and development of national and global cultural traditions. Health and welfare of the animal world is an integral part of this goal.


Guidelines for the Strategic Development 2017-2021