Borrowing books

Only the students, faculty and staff of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) may take the books home from the library.  

Book search

All information about available books can be found in the LSMU LibraryYou can browse through the publications and get the information on available number of copies, their location, accessibility at a given time and loan periods. 

Ordering books

You need to place an order for any publication available in the storage. Choose a currently available copy of a desired publication or, if none is available, choose one that is to be returned in the nearest future and then click on an active link "Requeston the left side of the page. You can also order textbooks from open access funds that are not currently available in the library. When ordering textbooks, you do not need to select a copy based on the return date. If at least one copy of the same title has been requested by another user, the system will automatically place your request based on the time and date of order. 

User account

You can switch to English language by clicking Meniu on the upper right corner of the page. Log in to your personal user account by clicking on the Sign in icon. Enter your general username and password which you use for all university systems.

Your Library Card contains information on the publications you have borrowed and allows you to monitor the progress of your orders, verify and renew loan periods. Please note that a loan period cannot be renewed if at least one copy of the publication you have checked out has been requested by other users. In case of failure to return a book or renew the loan period on time, you will see detailed information on the pending overdue fine.

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Collecting books

You will need to personally find and collect the books from open access funds based on the information provided in the catalogues. Make sure to memorize the location of the book and its code marking the placement of the book on a shelf. You can also search for books by shelf labels alone. Check the books out at the self-service computer terminals or at the librarian’s desk.  

Collecting orders

You can collect your orders at the service desks on the 2nd floor of BIC (Eivenių g. 6) or at the service desk of the Veterinary Academy Library (Tilžės g.18), depending on where your ordered item is stored. The respective service desk will keep your ordered books for 2 business days. The exact term during which you must collect your order will be shown on your personal user account. Ordered books can be collected only personally. The user must have an ID with a photo on it.  

Ordering textbooks

Number of copies to be ordered at a time Unlimited
Loan period for each textbook is different From 1 week to the entire term
Period of allowed renewals 200 days
Period of allowed renewals for teaching staff 12 months


 Borrowing books from open access funds

  User groups Number of copies to be ordered at a time Loan period Renewal period
Books with green labels LSMU students and all employees 6 11 days 60 days
Books with red labels Use in the reading room    
Books with blue labels LSMU students and all employees 6 21 days 70 days
Popular fiction books (without labels) LSMU students and all employees 6 30 days 60 days
Science fiction and educational books from reading rooms (without labels)
LSMU students and all employees 6 21 days 60 days


Borrowing books for a short term

Loan period Number of copies to be ordered at a time 
One night 4
One weekend 3
1 day 5
3 days 8


Borrowing books from storages

Loan period 10 days One month
Number of copies to be ordered at a time  5 5
Renewal period 60 days


Available books ordered from the storage are delivered to service desks in 30 minutes from 8:00 to 17:00 on business days.  

Returning books

Please make sure that the barcode on the label of the book you wish to return is the same as the indicated in your personal user account. If different copies of the same book get switched, the system will register the return under the name of the user who received the book with the particular barcode.  

Overdue fine

Failure to return a book on time will result in overdue fine of 0.14 Eur per each borrowed item for each calendar day of delay. If the pending overdue fine becomes higher than 12 Eur, you will not be able to borrow any more publications. The overdue fine can be paid in installments at the cash register of the library by cash or bank card, or by wire transfer.

How to pay


Reimbursement for damaged or lost books

The library accepts books of the same value as replacement for damaged or lost library books. The books that are accepted are listed in the Lost books replacements. Please discuss all replacement details with the responsible librarian. 

Check the books out at the self-service computer terminals or at the librarian′s desk.