Faculty of Animal Science

The Faculty of Animal Science is the only institution in Lithuania to award bachelor‘s and master’s degrees, qualification in Animal husbandry technology and acquires degree in Agricultural Sciences. Graduates understand  the production of animal-based products, their management, animal breeding, information technologies, organic animal husbandry, growing and storage biotechnologies of animals, implantation of technological innovations. They have the skills of their application in various areas, who are able to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in the technologies of animal husbandry and practical skills inimage1.jpg (regular, 500x375) the economic structures of animal husbandry production, who are ready to work creatively and responsibly in the areas of animal husbandry and related areas, who react flexibly to the changes and needs of business environment and technologies, who understand the modern requirements of labor market, mature and integral personalities, who have their position and clear system of values and attitudes.

Graduates who complete the study programme of Technology of Animal Husbandry and acquire a degree in Agricultural Sciences are able to work in the companies making animal production, breeding system, system of forage production and its quality assessment, processing system of milk, meat and their products, consultation services, regional municipalities, insurance companies, institutions providing agricultural services, and educational institutions.

The Faculty consists of Department of Animal Breeding and Nutrition and two institutes: Institute of Biological Systems and Genetic Research and Institute of Animal Rearing Technologies.


Self-evaluation reports

Self-evaluation Report of First Cycle Animal Husbandry Technology Study Programme

Self-evaluation Report of Second Cycle Animal Husbandry Study Technology Programme

Self-evaluation Report of First Cycle Animal Science Study Programme

Self-evaluation Report of Second Cycle Animal Resources Management Programme


Timetables for evaluation by a panel of international experts

29 May 2017

30 May 2017