Main Documents of Study Quality

Context for study quality development at LSMU is set by Lithuanian and international documents and regulations of Higher education. 

Quality system in the University has been developed and is updated according to the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance.

At the core of University study process regulations and study programs' improvement is student centered learning and principles of European Higher Education Area (EHEA), formulated in Bologna process (in greater detail about Bologna process – please refer to web page of Ministry of Education and Science). 

Study programs of regulated professions comply with Directives of the European Commission, all other study programs conform with recommendations of international professional associations. 

In its activities, including study process organization and development or improvement of study programs, University implements regulations of Lithuanian acts of law (Law of Science and Studies, Lithuanian Qualifications Framework, Study Level Descriptors and others; full list of acts of law regulating higher education can be found on Center for Quality Assurance web page).

Foundation for study quality system in the University is created by strategic documents, where principles and indicators of study quality are set:

Internal study quality system is defined by regulations:

  • Regulations of the study quality assurance at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (document in English / Lithuanian)
  • Provisions of Study Programme Committees at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (document in English / Lithuanian)
  • Procedure for the Development, Improvement and Management of Study Programmes at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (document in Lithuanian)
  • Feedback Organization Procedure for Improving the Quality os Studies at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (document in English / Lithuanian)

Of importance to study quality is study process, regulated by these regulations: