Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) Submission

Procedure for submitting LSMU final theses and doctoral dissertation electronic documents (ETD) to the LSMU Scientific Information System CRIS Repository:

30 days before the date of the public defense, students must submit the ETD to the Repository according to ETD submission instructions.

Main stages of ETD submission:
1. Student registration in the Repository and login;
2. Metadata* about the student, title, 3-5 key words, summaries in Lithuanian and English, ETD responsible persons and other submission data;
3. Submission of the ETD work file (the main file must be submitted in PDF format);
4. Approval of the license agreement;
5. The student will receive confirmation information about the submission of the ETD to LSMU CRIS by e-mail. Students must forward the received e-mail to the persons responsible for their final work (supervisor, reviewers, doctoral students - to the entire defense commission).

If you have any questions regarding the submission of the ETD, please contact the responsible staff at tel.: (8 37) 39 60 43.

* Metadata - data about the Work (author, title, keywords, etc.).