Anatomy models

On the 2nd library floor you can use 3D anatomy models, which can make the learning process easier. Models are not allowed to be borrowed home, they can only be used in the reading room. We currently offer the following models:

1galva.jpg (original, 900x756)
3ranka.jpg (original, 873x900)
5peda.jpg (original, 900x756)
Animal anatomy models available at Veterinary academy library (to be used only in the library)
modeliaiinternetiniampuslapiui_1.jpg (zoomed, 695x900)
modeliaiinternetiniampuslapiui-3.jpg (zoomed, 695x900)
modeliaiinternetiniampuslapiui_3.jpg (zoomed, 695x900)
aviesmodelisinternetiniampuslapiui-page0001.jpg (zoomed, 566x900)