Potential partners in student recruitment
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences cooperates is open for partnerships with selected student recruitment representatives (agencies) all over the world. Any institution willing to tie with us as a partner in student recruitment is welcome to begin from the page Partnership with Recruitment Agencies. Our officers will kindly assist you through the process.

Prospective students
Prospective students are welcome to contact admission officers at the university or university representatives listed here below. Both equally can provide complete information about the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and coordinate eligible students in their admission and visa procedures.

Admission officers at the university:

International Relations and Study Centre 
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences 
A. Mickevičiaus str. 9 
LT-44307 Kaunas, Lithuania

4c9aqxmni.png (90x68, 68x68) +37037327259 584856bce0bb315b0f7675ad.png (90x68, 68x68) human1-512.png (90x68, 68x68) Contact students ambassadors
whatsup.png (90x68, 68x68) +37067180131 viber.png (90x68, 68x68) +37067180131 facebook_logos_png19751.png (90x68, 90x68) Follow us

Representatives abroad:

azerbaidzian.png (regular, 66x33) Azerbaijan hungary.gif (thumb, 64x33) Hungary korea.gif (thumb, 48x33) Republic of Korea
armenia.png (regular, 66x33) Armenia india.png (regular, 50x33) India saudi_arabia.gif (90x68, 90x60) Saudi Arabia
austria.gif (thumb, 48x33) Austria iran.gif (thumb, 56x33) Iran spain.gif (thumb, 48x33)  Spain
belarus.gif (thumb, 64x33) Belarus israel.gif (thumb, 44x33) Israel sri_lanka.gif (thumb, 64x33) Sri Lanka
china.png (regular, 50x33) China kazakhstan-kz.png (thumb, 100x50) Kazakhstan svedija.gif (thumb, 51x33) Sweden
cyprus.gif (thumb, 53x33) Cyprus lebanon.gif (thumb, 48x33) Lebanon switzerland-ch.png (thumb, 100x100) Switzerland
denmark.gif (thumb, 39x33) Denmark maldives.gif (thumb, 48x33) Maldives turkey.gif (thumb, 48x33) Turkey
egypt-flag.png (regular, 128x128) Egypt norway.gif (thumb, 44x33) Norway ukraine-flag.png (90x68, 68x68) Ukraine
finland.png (zoomed, 54x33) Finland pakistan.gif (regular, 48x33) Pakistan united_arab_emirates.gif (thumb, 64x33) United Arab Emirates
france-fr.png (90x68, 90x60) France Poland united_kingdom.png (regular, 66x33) United Kingdom
Germany Germany portugal-flag.png (170x260, 128x128) Portugal united_states.gif (thumb, 60x33) United States
georgia.png (regular, 50x33) Georgia