Partnership with Recruitment Agencies

krakenimages-376kn_isple-unsplash1280x853.jpg (regular, 500x333)Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) cooperates with selected student recruitment representatives (agents) all over the world.

The agent’s primary role is to:

• provide accurate information about the University and its programmes, relevant admission criteria, deadlines;
• assist applicants in self-assessment to comply with the admission criteria set by the University;
• assist applicants with the application process,
• assist applicants regarding complying with formal requirements when applying for a student visa,
• assist with travel, accommodation (if applicable), and pre-departure arrangements.

Recruitment agencies are asked to comply with the following criteria:

• be a registered business in the country of operation or Lithuania;
• commit to utilize best practices in their services to applicants;
• respect national and European higher education standards, follow application procedures established by the University;
• adhere to ethical standards;
• maintain a good reputation in their business.

Respectively, the University commits to:

• authorize the Agency to recruit and recommend prospective students to LSMU;
• support the Agency with the necessary information and deliverables about LSMU study programmes, fee payment schedules, admission policies, and other important aspects;
• provide the Agency with up-to-date information about immigration rules, as well as about living conditions in Lithuania;
• familiarize the Agency with the laws governing entrance, stay and travel of foreign citizens in the Republic of Lithuania, and assist the selected students with the procedure of obtaining visa D.

The first step towards formalization of partnership with the LSMU is to provide basic information about the Agency by completing the following questionnaire:

Further selection procedure:
1. Agencies provide data by completing a questionnaire;
2. LSMU verifies the provided data and assesses compliance with the criteria for agencies;
3. Agency is informed about the results;
4. Following the positive outcome from clause 3, a cooperation agreement is discussed between LSMU and the Agency.
5. Following the mutual agreement on terms of cooperation in clause 4, the agreement is signed by LSMU and the Agency.

More information about the programmes in English can be found here:


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