University Support

Tuition fees

Several students holding refugee status will be exempted from the tuition fee with condition that the tuition fee is covered by the Government. The appropriate decisions by the Government shall come soon. The number in different programs may vary and depends on free places available now. Look at the list of study programs for details.


Students shall find a living place in Kaunas on their own initiative and refer to support organizations. University has no free space in dormitories at the moment and till the end of the academic year.


A number of scholarships are under the approval process by the Government of Lithuania. Further details will be available as soon as the university gets decisions from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Meanwhile, we strongly recommend scholarships for exchange studies which are available under the Erasmus+ program as an exception for Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian aggression. Follow this link for details.

English / Lithuanian Language Courses

University does not offer English language courses. Students coming for studies are supposed to be at least at B1 in English according to CERF. Certificates are not required, however, admission officers will check it by interview. Lithuanian language is offered as a part of curricula in regulated professions (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, etc.) and students shall reach a defined level before entering the clinical courses.