Student Union

LSMU Student Union is a non-profit organization that focuses on representing all students with their academic and quality of education related issues as well as creating an environment in which every student feels heard and receives all the necessary information.

The mission of LSMU Student Union is to unite and represent all students and according to their needs make positive changes in the university life.

 There are 6 committees:

  • Academic Affairs Committee: takes care of education quality as well as study process improvement and organization.
  • Event Committee: organizes traditional, targeted events and enables students to realize their ideas. This committee works closely with other LSMU organizations and arranges students’ free time.
  • Information and Public Relations Committee: responsible for the coordination of information inside LSMU SA and its exchanges with other organizations, LSMU structures as well as society.
  • International Committee: it is a place where both Lithuanian and international students come together to solve problems related to international students’ study quality. This committee operates under the Committee Regulations approved by LSMU SA Council and coordinates work with other SA committees.
  • Marketing and Projects Committee: responsible for finding and obtaining additional resources for SA activities as well as partner search and project writing, delivery and implementation.
  • Social Affairs Committee: provides information on the Lithuanian Student Identity Card(LSIC), scholarships, loans and other payments. The Committee also takes part in the assignment of places to live in students’ dormitories.



Address: A. Mickevičiaus g. 9
Tel.: (8 37) 327 214


Office Work hours:
Monday, Thursday 16:00 – 18:00
                      Wednesday 12:00 – 14:00