A new group of Israeli students successfully passed the entrance test

On 26-30 March Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) International Relations and Study Centre Coordinators Aušra Surantienė and Aušra Dapkevičienė visited Tel Aviv (Israel) to organize entrance exams and meet the graduates of LSMU.

They visited Overseas Medical Education School managed by CEO Shahar Geva and based in Tel Aviv on 27 March. Eight school graduates were invited to study at LSMU: 6 students chose Medicine studies, 1 chose Odontology, 1 chose Veterinary Medicine. Some of the graduates have already visited our campus on February and were very pleasantly surprised by LSMU facilities which helped them choose LSMU. They also made a presentation about LSMU to current students of Overseas Medical Education who hopefully will become our students in the nearest future.

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Coordinators Aušra Surantienė and Aušra Dapkevičienė also organized the entrance examination in Biology and Chemistry for applicants of ELOR agency in Tel Aviv (Israel) on 29 March. Four applicants have successfully completed the exam and after a motivational interview 3 of them were offered to study Medicine, 1 applicant chose studies of Veterinary medicine at LSMU.

The LSMU representatives also met LSMU graduates Philip Perlov and Natali Babayev to discuss future cooperation with the University. Philip Perlov graduated from LSMU in 2014 and has a successful career of an anesthiologist in Beilinson Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel. Natali has graduated in 2018 and works as a pharmacist in a pharmacy in the city of Ashdod. She shared positive memories about the university and is very satisfied with her career.

Text&photo: Aušra Dapkevičienė