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Pharmacists are medication experts who enhance patient care and promote wellness. You will use your professional knowledge as a pharmacist to prepare and dispense prescriptions, ensure medicines and doses are correct, prevent harmful drug interactions, and counsel patients on the safe and appropriate use of their medications. As a pharmacist, you will have unique and specialized expertise about the composition of medicines, including their chemical, biological, and physical properties, as well as their manufacture and use. Other health care professionals will rely on you to select and administer medications that offer the best results and quality of life for a particular patient. As a pharmacist you may prepare personalized medications, participate in patient rounds at the hospital, reduce the spread of infections, conduct research or clinical trials, or focus on a specific patient population or disease state (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, asthma, HIV, and pain management).  

pharmacist-woman-35581711.jpg (376x240, 327x240)The majority of Pharmacy graduates are employed as pharmacists. These divide into two main groups: hospital pharmacists and community pharmacists. Other options include research, whether in universities or in industry. Pharmacists are highly employable all over the world – they often appear on governmental lists of professions to be given preferential treatment in immigration processes – and a vanishingly small amount of Pharmacy graduates are unemployed. A pharmacist’s starting salary may well be higher than that of a junior doctor and rises rapidly with experience. To round this off, pharmacists have excellent job security – making this a very appealing path to take for anyone with the aptitude.

Secure your future NOW by applying for the integrated PHARMACY studies (Bachelor's + Master's degree) program at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) – a modern institution located in the very heart of Europe with rich history and 30 years' experience of instruction in English. It features brand-new modern laboratories and teaching facilities equipped with latest technologies and instrumentation. The qualifications you acquire here will be fully recognized and highly appreciated in most countries throughout the world.

Graduates of Pharmacy degrees are key to the community of human healthcare professionals, taking on roles relating to the design and development of new treatments, prescription and care management, and advising on the range of medical options available. The program allows our graduates to be involved in many disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences from drug discovery and medicinal chemistry through to product development and manufacture, including pharmaceutical analysis, quality control and quality assurance.

Most importantly, we are proud of our highly qualified and friendly staff who are always ready to respond to our students' needs. Here you will get individual attention and will be treated with appreciation and respect. Read our guide to studying Pharmacy at the LMSU in our website, including an overview of common course topics, specializations and career paths.

Expand your horizons by studying at our University alongside with international students from 70 different countries. Live in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, with its safe streets and sophisticated cultural lifestyle, where the cost of living is very reasonable, infrastructure is great and accommodations are affordable and readily available.

Waiting for you at LSMU!

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