Choose Erasmus+ Exchange Opportunities In Sardinia

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Italy certainly has plenty of charms to tempt tourists and international students alike: a diverse landscape, an immense cultural and historical legacy, iconic and historic sites, incomparable cuisine, an impressive history of inventions and discoveries… and, of course, universities in Italy include some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious. On October 13–19 Eglė Vizbaraitė and Agnė Jašauskaitė, International Programme Coordinators, from LSMU International Relations and Study Center (TRSC), from the Division of Academic Mobility have visited the University of Sassari (UNISS) in Sardinia.

With more than 12,000 students in this medium-sized university, which has units in 4 Sardinian cities (Sassari, Olbia, Nuoro and Oristan), 10% of them are international students. The largest Faculty of Medicine has two divisions – Biomedicine and Medical, with degree programs similar in LSMU. Students can study Biotechnology, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Obstetrics, Nursing, as well Medicine and Odontology (Dentistry).

The representatives of LSMU met with colleagues from UNISS International Relations Administration and the academic community of the Faculty of Medicine, who are involved in Erasmus+ activities, discussed important aspects of exchange organization, initiated Erasmus+ exchange with PhD students of both institutions. We also visited Kamilė Krauledaitė, the student of Faculty of Medicine at LSMU, who is involved as Erasmus+ student at UNISS.  The representatives of LSMU discussed topical issues of studies, evaluated the student's integration into the academic and social life of the university, and reviewed the university infrastructure.

Good Practices To Support Incoming Students

  • Organisation, through the University Language Centre, of free Italian language courses before the beginning of term, allowing students to reach an adequate language level. During the academic semesters intermediate courses are also held;
  • Provision of questionnaire for incoming students, which has helped to improve the services offered and meet the needs of the Erasmus community;
  • Nomination of a mentor, in charge of representing the students’ interests and reporting any irregularity or risk of discrimination against incoming students.

LSMU students' interest in exchange studies or internships in Italy is steadily increasing. According to the number of outgoing students, about 35 LSMU students are going to their exchange each year, Italy is ranked as first country among the selected countries. Incoming students from Italy are also increasingly finding their scientific opportunities at LSMU. The number of incoming students from Italy is just a little bit lower than the number of students from Spain. Following this meeting, UNISS faculty coordinators saw real opportunities to send their students under the Erasmus+ programme to LSMU.

The Division of Academic Mobility would like to encourage LSMU students to try the possibilities of academic exchange with Erasmus+ programme. This is the perfect opportunity to study in a different educational system, explore the world, authentic cultures. Also, the knowledge gained during studies and acquired education fundamentally changes the worldview and enables to become a citizen of the world.

*Erasmus+ selection for studies or traineeships at LSMU takes place every year from January to March. We invite LSMU community to follow news on Facebook: Erasmus+ LSMU and LSMU website.

 Text & photos: Agnė Jašauskaitė, International Programme Coordinator