Entrance examination in Tel-Aviv

Rūta Antanaitienė and Aušra Surantienė, International Programme Coordinators had visited Tel-Aviv, Israel, during April 22-25. LSMU’s representatives arranged two entrance examination sessions for the Israeli applicants. A total of 50 applicants sat the test of Biology and Chemistry and had interviews with the LSMU’s representatives. The first-day applicants were registered for the test by pre-med training company ‘Medical Doctor International Studies’ and the second-day examination session was arranged for the applicants registered by another pre-med training company ‘Overseas Medical Education’ Dr. Shahar Geva and LSMU alumnus Dr. Philip Perlov. All prospective students had good knowledge and 40 applicants were invited to study Medicine, 2 – Odontology and 1 – Veterinary Medicine. Some students hardly stopped their tears of happiness when were offered a study place at LSMU. Students have heard a lot of positive reviews about LSMU and wanted to join their friends and relatives who are already studying at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.  

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Presentation about LSMU and its study programmes, international students’ support facilities, Kaunas and Lithuania was given for the audience, too. The LSMU’s representatives answered questions about the academic and practical students’ life at the University. Some prospective students had good knowledge about our country as they have been already in Lithuania. Other applicants are planning to visit Lithuania and the University during the Open Days, which are organized by the International Relations and Study Centre.

Cooperation between LSMU and ‘Medical Doctor International Studies’ was discussed during the meeting with Dr. Moshe Cohen, the head of the company. On the last day of the visit, the LSMU representatives met the parents of students who already are studying at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and discussed the running issues.  

This visit to Israel was very successful and we would like to believe that students from Israel who were offered a study place will arrive to Lithuania and will join the rapidly growing multicultural academic community of LSMU.