Freshers’ Camp 2019

This year, the Freshers’ Camp started on a rainy Friday, but the weather did not keep the participants from coming to Guosta and enjoying their first activities.

After arriving and unpacking, the team building games got drowned in a rain shower and were simply continued in the assembly hall. And yet, the most determined participants managed to race with their legs bound to each other’s in the pouring rain or add some tomato juice to the water on their shirts during everyone’s favourite team building activity – the famous tomato juice game.

At dinner time, the murderer game made its first appearance and the participants got caught up in the excitement of finding out who kept adding names to the board of the dead. Wild suspicions were made on Saturday and even Sunday, but in the end the team of murderers was the stronger one and won the game.

Friday night was all about brains. How much do you know about the oceans? And do you listen to some good old classics or are you more into the newer tunes?

Old or new, the music was on after the Brain Wars and we danced through the night. For those who needed a break from dancing and preferred singing there was a campfire, including a guitar and some real campfire legends. “Country roads, take me home” could be heard on the grounds of Guosta and the light of the fire could be seen until it was early morning.

So early that it was almost wake up time. The wake up team of the organizers had some special techniques in store to make sure that nobody would miss breakfast. Because who wouldn’t want pancakes?!

On Saturday, the participants got the chance to prove their abilities in the annual scavenger hunt. With only a few leads, the teams found their way through forests, deserts and water, climbed cliffs and danced on logs, went on an emotional rollercoaster with some of the most notorious villains of the Disney history and met the most precious souls on their journey to victory. Happy socks combined with bad taste clothing definitely are a thing now – just as much as surgery glove mascots and saying your phone number into a microphone.

After lunchtime, everyone had the chance to participate in the sports tournament or enjoy some free time. But our brave participants did not want free time – they wanted all the action! Although it was only around 15 degrees, some of the adrenalin loving members of our group decided that these were just the right conditions to play water ball. Rain or shine, they played throughout the evening and gave all they had to strike and win the match!

Others were sitting in the sun by the lake and added some guitar tunes to the game like a soundtrack and some just watched and enjoyed all the splashing and jumping around.

Saturday nights in Freshers’ Camp are known to be legendary – and so was this one. Participants challenged each other in famous Olympic disciplines such as ball twerking, orange pushing or banana oscillation. As a reward, there was another campfire and more guitar play as an alternative to the music and dancing going on around the assembly hall.

On Sunday, we parted again – after a truly special wake up call made by the entire organizing team and some of the participants bold enough to join.

The weekend of the 5th Freshers’ Camp was truly special and filled with laughter – for both the organizers and the participants. The addition of the water ball and some warmly welcomed visitors made the fun complete and the purpose of the Camp for our Freshers to connect and make friends who might stay for a lifetime was fulfilled.

We loved every one of those past five years and here is to many more!