Gifted students from Ireland for the jubilee of the state

In the middle of February, the representatives of the International Relations and Study Center (TRSC) of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) - psychologist Jevgenij Razgulin and International Programme coordinator Agnė Jašauskaitė - visited Ireland, Dublin, where they attended the Higher Education Studies Fair organized by the DIFC Dublin International Foundation College and held an entrance exam to the LSMU, which was taken by 43 young people.

DIFC College Business Development Representative Tiago Barcelini Canhoto visited the LSMU in December 2017 and got acquainted with the University's base for science, infrastructure and studies. The representative also visited the LSMU hospital “Kaunas Clinics”, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the LSMU Medical Simulation Center and the library. During the visit, the opportunities and strategies of attracting new full time students to Nursing, Pharmacy, and Dentistry programs were discussed.

Our first visit to DIFC was very successful. At the Higher Education Studies Fair the psychologist Jevgenij Razgulin gave a presentation and introduced everyone with studies and opportunities at LSMU, academic life and leisure at the University. The University's representatives also organized a quiz for future students about Lithuanian culture and history. After the announcement, the LSMU desk was visited by a group of young people who were familiar with the LSMU, had found information on the LSMU website, and only wanted to get more information about the things which concerned them.

On February 16, when Lithuania celebrated the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, the representatives of LSMU organized an entrance exam. Out of the 43 applicants who applied for the entrance examination 37 received invitation to study at the LSMU. Such results indicate that future students who are attending preparatory courses are strongly and well prepared for the future studies. Despite the fact that some of the applicants had not completed the training course yet, they were able to get the excellent grades. During the motivational interviews, 26 young people were offered to study Medicine, 6 - Nursing, 3 - Dentistry and 2 - Pharmacy. We are glad, that there were students who chose to study Nursing, Pharmacy and Dentistry. For the young people who passed the entrance examination and have chosen these study programs, LSMU was the first choice among the possible universities.

The recent collaboration between the LSMU and the DIFC Dublin International Foundation College has already given remarkable results: promotion of such LSMU degree programs as Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry in Ireland and also it helped to increase student’s confidence in our University as an institution of high quality of education.