Invest in your future now, choose Nursing studies at LSMU

Hello, my name is Olga Fanish. I am a graduate of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), Faculty of Nursing. For many years now, I have been living and working as a surgical nurse at Poryia Hospital in Tiberias, Israel.

While still at school, I knew I wanted to be a nurse, help people overcome their ailments and alleviate their suffering. After graduating from high school, I did not hesitate to choose LSMU Nursing Studies in Bachelor and decided to become a surgical nurse.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, I continued my studies in the Master’s study program in Clinical Nursing, and at the same time, for two years I worked at the University Hospital in Kauno Klinikos Orthopedic operating rooms.

After becoming a Master of Nursing, I got married and began a new phase of my life in Tiberias, Israel. All I needed was to learn Hebrew with its special characters, pass a state exam, obtain a license, and validate the qualification of a surgical nurse in Hebrew.

Thanks to studying at LSMU, the quality of knowledge and my skills were very good; I passed all the exams in Israel without any problems. The level of academic and practical preparation was very positively assessed by the examiners. I am extremely grateful to the University for the knowledge it has provided and the many hours of practice at the University hospital.

I invite all international students to choose their studies at the Faculty of Nursing at LSMU without hesitation. Believe me, you will not only get a solid foundation for your future career, but after successfully completing your studies, doors of many hospitals around the world will be open to you. The need for nurses in the world is growing intensely, nurses are one of the most sought-after professions in the world. Invest in your future now!

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