Important information for freshman!

Dear Freshmen,
We are pleased to inform you that you will be assigned to study groups on August 24-25.

When You will be assigned to the study group, you will be able to see Your study schedule in the LSMU Study Information System (LSMUSIS).

You can also fill out the declaration for the conditions of study on your LSMUSIS student personal data profile at – 

We note, that during studies the status of Your declaration may be checked, therefore we kindly request you to always have the documents proving your declaration data (such as the copy of the document, digital version, photo of the document or the original document) – on your person at all times. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Upon clicking “I consent to the conditions and commit to follow them” you will not be able to change your status. You will only be able to change your status by informing the dean’s office of your faculty. Your decision regarding your declaration must be well thought out.

In the declaration the student notes that they consent to the study prerequisites and confirm that they meet one of the four criteria:

1. They have been vaccinated by one of the following vaccines from COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection):

  • one week post the second dose of vaccination with “Comirnaty” or “Spikevax” vaccines according to the vaccination plan;
  • two weeks post the dose of vaccination with "COVID-19 Vaccine Jannsen" vaccine;
  • at least 4 weeks, but no more than 13 weeks post the first “Vaxzevria” vaccination;
  • after the second dose of the “Vaxzevria” vaccine according to the vaccination plan;
  • 2 weeks post vaccination with “Comirnaty”, “Spikevax” or “Vaxzevria” vaccine, for individuals who had the COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection) and whose diagnosis was confirmed with a positive SARS-CoV-2PGR test result;
  • one week post vaccination with “Comirnaty” or “Vaxzevria” vaccine second dose, if for the first dose of vaccination the “Vaxzevria” vaccine and for the second – “Comirnaty”vaccine were used, or vice versa.

2. If an individual has had the COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection) and the diagnosis was confirmed based on a positive SARS-CoV-2PGR test result or antigen test result, and no more than 210 days have passed since they tested positive (but no sooner than the assigned isolation period has ended). 

3. The student has received a positive test result no more than 60 days prior (when anti-S, anti-S1 or anti-RBD IgG antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 were found) of quantitative or semi-quantitative serological immunological test result, except for the instances when the serological test is conducted after vaccination from the COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection).

4. A COVID-19 test, namely SARS-CoV-2 PGR has been done, and a negative result was confirmed, – no earlier than 48 hours prior (counting from the moment of taking the sample).


The first time you log in to LSMUSIS, it is necessary to change the password.

If you forgot your password, read here:


Good luck in your studies!