Information for our community about the state of emergency

Dear members of the LSMU community,

We have become witnesses of an armed conflict. This conflict affects all of us, it will influence the daily life of our country.

Lithuania, as a state, member of the European Union and NATO, which has its own duties and commitments, from 1 pm today 24th February 2022 have introduced the state of emergency.

In an attempt to lighten the situation, which can appear disturbing, I would like to explain what this means to the University community.

Presently, the law of the state of emergency only applies to situations related to the protection of external borders of the country. Our academic life and study process will not be affected by the state of emergency, externally life and studies at LSMU will not change, as well as personal and academic plans will not be affected either.

For practical reasons, it is recommended to always have an identity document with you.

At the university, during this special situation, a Centre has been set up by my order, which will promptly collect, receive, disseminate and share information with all the members of our community. If necessary, the Centre will also take on organisational measures.

I kindly request you to only rely on fact-checked information, so there's no room for doubt. You will be able to receive all the relevant University information via the LSMU deans, vice-rectors, chancellors and the rectorate.


Rector of LSMU Prof. Rimantas Benetis


Newest and most relevant information about the decisions made by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania: LINK

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