Lithuania’s biggest animal hospital to be built in Kaunas

Preparations of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences to build the biggest Lithuania’s hospital for pets and exotic animals started to take place in Kaunas. The hospital is supposed to appear in the area of 3 hectares, which was given under the usage agreement for 99 years by the National Land Service Under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania.

General area of the hospital is supposed to reach 5000 square metres. Besides therapy, surgery, oncology and midwifery departments it will also have a department of exotic animals, pharmacy, constantly working animal blood donation centre, animal rehabilitation centre with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, laser-based treatment service.

The hospital is going to have a department with modern surgery rooms, where video broadcasting system will be installed. Modern clinical labs and the most advanced equipment for diagnosing animal diseases are part of a project as well. 

In order to work safely with ionizing radiation, a video diagnosis department is supposed to appear as well. CT scans and MRI are going to be applied for small animals and horses.

A department of infectious diseases with insulating sections to quarantine and treat animals with infectious diseases will meet the highest standards of biosafety, thus preventing infectious disease and zoonosis spread.

The hospital is supposed to be a centre where veterinary is going to be practiced, covering practical aspects of veterinary medicine studies too.