LSMU at the Education Abroad Virtual Fair

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LSMU International Relations and Study Center presented studies at LSMU for international students from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Education Abroad Virtual Fair was hosted by It is an ongoing event, where representatives of major Lithuanian higher educational institutions presented their respective studies during a series of webinars from March 3 till March 12, 2021.

LSMU was one of the first Universities to participate. Dean of the International Relations and Study Center Ingrida Janulevičienė presented different programs instructed in English at our University, talked about 70 Lithuanian State scholarships for the year 2021 awarded to full-time Master degree students from Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Moldova. In addition, the Dean shared the news about easing conditions for international students who are seeking employment. Both EU and non-EU students are allowed to work during the period of their studies:   

  • master degree students: 40 hours per week
  • bachelor degree students: 20 hours per week

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Starting March 1, 2021, not only international Doctoral students, but also Master degree students, as well as internationals who have already completed their studies and have received a temporary residence permit (TRP) will be able to work without the limitation of 20 hours per week, as it was the case up until now.

A one-year period is granted for TRP in Lithuania after completing studies to look for a job or continue studies in Lithuanian or other EU countries. After five years of non-interrupted TRP, internationals are eligible to apply for a Long-term Residence Permit.

During the webinar, one of our most enthusiastic student ambassadors Ilia Nick Delon, a fourth year medical student from Israel, shared his insights and experiences with attendees who asked a variety of questions in English and in Russian and were very satisfied with the presentation.

LSMU is planning to participate in more educational fairs in April and May aiming to cover Central and South East Asia and welcome more international students.
By Julija Vasilenko-Maskvytė, International Programme Coordinator