LSMU Online Entrance Exam

Responding to the current situation in the World, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) changed the obligatory entrance examination to an online modeOnline examinations started on the 7th of May and are scheduled to take place every Thursday till July 2020. The exam has two steps: the interview and the test in Biology and ChemistryYou will have an interview several days prior to the entrance test during the same week. Evaluation of the applicant’s motivation will be the primary goal of the interview; meanwhile, we can also check the online connection quality between the applicant and the University.

Online exam consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) in Biology and Chemistry; each part will be comprised of 20 questions (the total of 40 questions). The total time for answering the questions will be set to 60 minutes. As soon as applicants will get logins for the exam (7-5 days before the entrance test), they will be granted access to examination platform and will be able to “warm-up” and practice by completing a demo test.

All hours in the table are in local Lithuanian time (GMT +03:00), check online (google search: time in Lithuania right now) for the difference with your country's time

August, 2020 

ONLY applicants to Odontology and Veterinary Medicine





(time will be appointed personally)

 August 14

August 12 at 9:00
(click to register)

August 13
morning hours

All hours in the table are in local Lithuanian time (GMT +03:00), check online for the difference with your country's time


Everything you need to register for the entrance exam is to choose the most suitable day and register by answering few simple questions. A week before the entrance exam, you will be contacted by the admission officer with further instructions and login information 

Important to note while registering: 

  • It might appear that no spots are left on your selected dayPlease do not panic, just select another day; there will be enough time slots for everybody. 
  • The interview and the entrance test shall be taken during the same week (based on the schedule). 
  • Only the applicants who have submitted an application ( a positive feedback to sit the entrance exam and paid the application fee of 150 Eur are eligible to register and sit the entrance exam. 
  • The registration will close 7 days before the single scheduled entrance test date. It will take approx. one day for us to prepare your logins.
  • Upon successful submission of the registration form, applicants will get an automatic email confirming their registration data. 
  • Please be careful entering you email address, double check whether it is correct. Your login account will be based on this email, and further instructions will be sent to the email provided.  
  • Please be careful with your planning. To avoid multiple optional and occasional registrations for the exam, after the registration is closed, the admission office shall count applicant’s first registration onlyFailure to appear for the interview and the entrance test at the registered time will be considered as failed exam. 
  • The interview and the entrance test will be conducted on the LSMU platform and via Zoom video meeting. No special preparation shall be done to use the LSMU platformand there is no need to subscribe for Zoom services. Zoom invitations will be sent to your mailbox; you may need to install a simple app following the instructions when starting the meeting. 
  • The entrance test cannot be completed on mobile phones; we strongly recommend having a computer or laptop with reliable internet connection of at least 2 Mb/sA working microphone and camera are mandatory.

Topics for the Entrance Exam

Recommended Text Books for the Entrance Examination Test

If an applicant provides the Score Reports on SAT Subject Tests for Chemistry and Biology (a score of 550 and more), he/she will not be required to sit the entrance test given by the University. The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is registered at the College Board (applied code – 7210).    

If an applicant is not able to present a certificate proving the knowledge of English language (TOEFL, IELTS, B2 Level ‘Independent user by CEFR or adequate), he/she shall sit the English language test, prepared by the University. 

The following foreign applicants are exempted from LSMU entrance test:

1. Applicants who apply for the following First Cycle (Bachelors) degrees: Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Health Psychology, Physiotherapy; Second Cycle (Master’s) degrees: Applied Public Health, Management of Public Health, Advanced Nursing Practice, Lifestyle Medicine, Food Science, Animal Science, Clinical Health Psychology, Animal and Human Interaction;

2. Applicants who received education based on formally acknowledged educational systems listed below, and their evaluation score in Chemistry (Mathematics for Health Psychology study programme) and Biology are as follow:


Evaluation no less than

A level certificate ("A Levels")

B and B

IB Diploma ("International Baccalaureate")

4 (H level)

German certificate –("Abitur")

12 (points) or 1-2

Swedish certificate – ("Examensbevis")

ew system  B and C, old system VG and G level  (obligatory level "2")

Spanish certificate – ("Titulo de Bachiller" accompanied by "Selectividad")


French certificate – ("Baccalaureat")


USA – Secondary school certificate and passed SAT (Standardized  Chemistry (Mathematics for Health Psychology study programme)  and Biology tests) (“High School Diploma” and  ”SAT Subject Tests”)

SAT score 500

BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test)

(BMAT could be taken at home country or any other country where the tests are offered. Please, use this link for further information:; )

Sections 1 and 2 – score 4, Section 3 – score 2C 

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

(MCAT could be taken at home country or any other country where test is offered. Please, use this link for further information:


IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test)

(IMAT could be taken at home country or any other country where test is offered. Please, use this link for further information:;)


NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test)

(NEET is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. Please, use this link for further information: