LSMU Pharmacists in FIP World Congress of Pharmacy

 Professor Liudas Ivanauskas, Head of Department of Analytical and Toxicological Chemistry and PhD Candidate Laurynas Jarukas visited 79th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences which was held in Abu Dabhi, UAE on 22-26th, September.

20190925_113943.jpg (zoomed, 675x900) Like the profession in the rest of the developed world, pharmacy in Lithuania is moving towards new horizons in practice and education through the provision of world-class healthcare for its population and a first-rate education system for its health care practitioners. "All pharmaceutical professionals must adapt to new challenges and be integrated partners in the health system" - was the main announced message by FIP president Dominique Jordan. The conference outcomes included innovation topics, such as 3D medicines printing. These days, pharmaceutical companies are investing in 3D medicines printing technology. It has proven to be a way of prototyping new products in a cost-efficient and effortless manner. In addition, the technology is now moving into a new realm: printing the finished drugs themselves. The new pills can be tailored to patients in terms of its dose, size, appearance and delivery, making drugs safer and more effective.