Numerous group of Israeli students successfully passed LSMU entrance exams

LSMU representatives, Laura Sapranavičiūtė – Zabazlajeva, the Head of Division of International Studies, and Kristina Kavaliauskaitė, International Programme Coordinator (International Relations and Study Centre), have visited Tel Aviv on April 29 – May 3, where they organized two entrance exams for applicants, willing to study at LSMU in academic year 2019/2020. They have also visited LSMU Odontology programme graduate, one of the owners of „Topaz Dental Center“. Agadi Yakov, who is now a maxillofacial surgeon, introduced the staff and activities of the clinic and shared his experience during studies and living in Kaunas, which was video-recorded and later will be presented to potential LSMU students.

Entrance exam and motivation interviews for the applicants of „ELOR“ agency took place on the 30th April. 18 candidates participated in the exam, 14 of them willing to enter Medicine study programme, the rest – Odontology. Candidates and their parents had a possibility to communicate with LSMU graduates and get their questions answered. Seven applicants successfully passed the entrance exam and got offers to study at LSMU: 6 to study programme “Medicine” and 1 to “Odontology”. Those, who failed the exam for the first time, were encouraged to retake it in the end of June.

On May 1st, 52 applicants of agency „Medical Doctor International“ have participated in entrance exam and motivational interviews. 37 youngsters have successfully passed the entrance exam and got offers to study at LSMU – 35 to study programme “Medicine” and 2 – to study programme “Odontology”.

The presentations about LSMU were held after the examinations, where prospective students were introduced to the structure of the University, study programmes and students’ life in Kaunas.

text & photos: Kristina Kavaliauskaitė, International programme coordinator

A few moments from the entrance examinations:

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