Students presented LSMU in France and Finland

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) students Emma Gonzales Mourier (France) and Alina Pugatcheva (Finland) met with high school students in their own countries at the end of January. They shared their experiences about the LSMU and the study programmes. Both students study veterinary medicine and participate actively in the LSMU Ambassador Programme.

The LSMU Ambassador Programme was introduced in 2016 and seeks to involve international students into a voluntary activity aiming at promotion of the LSMU in foreign countries. The information about the ambassadors and their contacts are provided in the LSMU website as well as it is spread during the presentations of the LSMU in various countries. The LSMU Ambassador Programme involves 17 international students from 11 countries. Ambassadors consult by e-mails those who are interested in studies at the LSMU and share their experience of studies and life in Lithuania, participate in the University “Open Days” and international study fairs.

A second-year student Emma Gonzales Mourier presented the LSMU at two schools in France. She shared her impressions of the newly gained experiences, “Thanks to the LSMU Ambassador Programme, I had an opportunity to tell French high school students about the study programmes at the LSMU. While this was an invaluable personal experience for me, it was also a great opportunity for the high school students to learn more about the LSMU and to think about their career choices. This experience boosted my self-confidence and, most importantly, I realized that I could contribute to making the dreams of young and motivated people come true.”

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A third-year student Alina Pugatcheva gave her presentation about the LSMU at the high school in Finland that she had graduated from. Alina was happy to share her memories about the meeting with high school community, “I prepared a detailed presentation about both the LSMU and the life in Kaunas in general because Finnish people do not know much about Lithuania. I recalled that a couple of years ago I also was a curious high school student yearning to learn more of what was going on beyond the borders of my home country. I was glad to be able to reply to the many questions of the students and tell them about the study programmes available at the LSMU. Everybody was very interested in finding out more, so I shared my knowledge with both the students and student coordinators. I was immensely happy about the opportunity to represent the LSMU in my homeland and I hope to continue doing this in the future!”

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Meeting with high school students was a new initiative undertaken by Emma Gonzales and Alina Pugatcheva. The LSMU is pleased with the activity done by the students and is looking forward to admitting more students from France and Finland.

Author: Laima Dobilienė, International Relations and Study Centre