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Lifestyle Medicine is an innovative Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) Master's degree programme launched in partnership with Harvard, Cornell, Loma Linda universities and clinical practice centers in the United States of America. This study programme is designed for health care professionals in various fields seeking to improve their knowledge of lifestyle medicine interventions and to enhance their professional career opportunities. Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based therapeutic practice where lifestyle changing interventions (nutrition, physical activity, stress management, social support, and environmental control) are used to prevent, treat and cure chronic diseases by affecting their causes.

In 2019, the LSMU Lifestyle Medicine study programme was awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence by American College of Lifestyle Medicine. The LSMU study programme was acknowledged for its content and form as one of the most advanced and most suitable programmes for evidence-based lifestyle medicine intervention competencies in the world.

The LSMU Lifestyle Medicine student Robert Žižka has been active in the field of nutrition and healthy lifestyle for 25 years. He has been working as a manager of non-governmental organization, editor of lifestyle magazine, organizer of immersion programs, publisher, and lecturer. Below you can find Robert Žižka's feedback about the Lifestyle Medicine programme.

robertzizka.jpg (regular, 333x500)‘In 2019 I attended a Lifestyle Medicine conference in Kaunas as a representative of the Czech Republic. There I learned about the Lifestyle Medicine programme offered by the LSMU – as the first University in Europe. I had such a good time at the conference that I decided to join the crew, start Czech Society of Lifestyle Medicine and complete my education with online studies at the LSMU.

Now I am in the middle of my studies. At times it is not easy to coordinate them with my workload, but I am receiving so much! All the topics are so interesting, most of the materials so well prepared! I am learning much more than anticipated – it's broadening my experience and preparing me for future tasks I never dreamed about.

I am very happy with this privilege to be the first student of Lifestyle Medicine from the Czech Republic. Big thanks to all the University staff. They offer their best to pass their knowledge and skills to students who are on fire – as I am.’

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