The LSMU entrance exams took place in Madrid, Spain

On 12-15 April, LSMU representatives Laura Sapranavičiūtė-Zabazlajeva, Head of International Studies Division and Kęstutis Gasevičius, International programmes coordinator organized entrance examinations to University study programmes in Madrid, Spain. 6 applicants took part in the examination and 5 of them have been recruited by LSMU partner agency Donde-Estudiar Medicina (DEM).

Majority applied to the most popular medicine programme, and one girl - to veterinary medicine.  The test was used to examine the knowledge of biology and chemistry (30 questions each) and some applicants had to take English language test. As usual - it was more difficult for everyone to deal with chemistry tasks and after summing up the results and evaluating the motivational conversation, 3 exam participants were invited to study at LSMU.

Overall, all participants did pretty good job, but some lacked the right answers. Applicants who did not pass the exam were encouraged not to be disappointed, but to improve their knowledge and retake the exam on July 13 in Alicante. (for schedule changes, please, check this link:

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