To the attention of LSMU applicants

[Updated 07 Jul 2020]

University has recently noticed that DESTINEX GLOBAL SERVICES Pvt.Ltd introduces itself as a representative of LSMU and distributes misleading information in the public space and directly to potential applicants. LSMU officially declares that it does not and has never had any agreements with this organization, and that any mediation services related to LSMU offered by them have no legal base; moreover, the information provided by the company about LSMU is not necessarily correct.

On this basis, LSMU officially declares that the University will not hold responsibility for any actions of DESTINEX GLOBAL SERVICES Pvt.Ltd and will not be able to assume any of the things promised by DESTINEX GLOBAL SERVICES Pvt.Ltd. We strongly recommend not to contact DESTINEX GLOBAL SERVICES Pvt.Ltd regarding the services offered by LSMU; otherwise, you shall accept full responsibility for any kind of damage you may experience as a result.

If you have any questions about education and/or training at LSMU, we advise you to use official University information by following the link  and contacting our personnel directly