Young people from Sweden prefer to choose Medical Studies at LSMU

Closing to the end of January Rūta Antanaitienė and Rokas Anisas, international programme coordinators, visited Stockholm to represent the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences at a study fair arranged by the institutions' partner Eduplanet, and to perform entrance examinations for applicants who are supposed to join the University’s academic community in the coming September.

University’s representatives have received a high interest from prospective students and their parents during the Study Fair. Most of the interested people have already known about LSMU, and wanted to get more information face to face. Therefore, LSMU booth was crowded all the time and intensive conversations were going non-stop. Moreover, a recent Swedish graduate Gaziza Shamsi and a current student Omar Mustaf had joined the LSMU booth to answer all questions of the curious prospective students.

On Sunday morning LSMU’s team had a planned entrance examination held for a class of 30 MD International pre-med students. The examinees had shown good results, with some reaching record breaking scores of up to 90%. Sounds of joy were reverberating in the corridor after the exam results were announced and offers to study at LSMU were given out. "I can’t wait to come to Kaunas and start my course!" some students said.

The very next day, another entrance examination has been held in the meeting room of Clarion Hotel. This time for a group of 10 people recruited by the University’s partner Eduplanet. Test results were not so good as in the previous examination and only two examinees were given an offer to start studies in September. Three applicants have been exempted from the entrance test because they had BSc degree diplomas in biosciences. After the precise check of education certificates and interview, they all were offered to continue an academic journey in medical sciences at LSMU.

Rūta and Rokas were satisfied with the outcomes of Stockholm’s visit. All the young, passionate and smart people were given the opportunities to study at LSMU and join our international community of medical academics that made the trip fruitful for the institution and the young individuals alike.


Information of International Relations and Study Center