What is the Purpose of Mentor Programme?

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3.jpg (376x240, 360x240)The purpose of the Mentor programme is to facilitate adaptation of the first-year students at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) through the support of experienced students who serve as mentors.

What is a Mentor?

Each group of first-year students gets two or three mentors. A mentor is an older student who is volunteering to help their assigned group of students by answering their questions. The mentors are there so that mentees could turn to them when they need help – when they don’t know how to get to a particular class, want to receive tips on how to prepare for a certain exam, or are simply curious where to have a good lunch in Kaunas.

When and How Mentors Are Communicating With Mentees?

Mentors set up group meetings. During the first week of September mentors and mentees exchange contact information and mentors show campus to the first-year students. Mentees are able to ask mentors questions and listen to their advice on the university life. Mentors meet theirs groups twice in September, once per month in October, November, December, January and February and then they will continue keeping in regular contact with their mentees via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Skype and etc. If a mentee wants to meet in person and mentors are available, they can also do that.

Do Mentors Have to be Always Able to Help?

Mentors are also students. If they are unable to help or are studying for an important exam, mentee can always come to the international office and ask any questions he might have. Also, if mentors don’t have sufficient knowledge to answer 2.jpg (376x240, 360x240)mentee’s questions, they will most likely direct them to the international office, too.

Would You Like to Be a Mentor?

If you want to become a mentor you can apply for this programme from the end of April. Mentors are chosen by motivational letter and by individual talk. Selected candidates are invited to participate in the mentor programme courses with a formal letter. All lectures in the mentor programme courses have to be attended. Successfully finished courses allow a student to become a mentor. In June mentors get certificate about participation in the mentor programme signed by the Dean of International Relations and Study Centre.

The coordinator of the mentor programme is Jevgenij Razgulin. Do not hesitate to write at