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International students experiences

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Lithuania - great life experience

Besides getting a great education, with qualified teachers and a whole infrastructure, capable of providing ideal conditions for improvement and medical practice, you will have the opportunity to share unique experiences during the study period.

Reach for your dream

There is no doubt that a lot of questions come to your mind before you decide which school you want to attend. How can you decide what is the best choice for you? What must you consider in evaluating these schools? And will you be able to obtain a residency wherever you want after you graduate? Having graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine (from 1st September 2010, University has changed the name to Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) I would like to have the opportunity to share my experience with all those who are considering KMU and provide a framework for the success of its graduates.

This is my second home

They say, 'Home is where your heart is'. Well, that has been my case too. I call this place my 'second home'. This is Sini Saju, a medical student graduating from LUHS. Well, to begin, this country has given me more than I could have asked for. I arrived in Kaunas on a cold October morning not knowing what is waiting for me in this heart of Europe.

Privileged to study here

One might question my judgment of deciding to study in Lithuania, a country that I myself knew so little about. But let me put it straight - that was one decision that I have never regretted. Even when I find myself thousands of miles away from home, I consider it a privilege to live and study in such a beautiful place. This is climatically a cold country, but blessed with so many warm people!

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