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Ambassadors from Nigeria

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Name: Peter Obieze Nkwocha

Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 5

My name is Peter, I am from Nigeria and I study at the Medical Faculty of LSMU. Generally, Medicine is a program that requires consistency, dedication, and hard work. Yes, it could be stressful at times, but the study structure at LSMU provides a hands-on experience/learning environment, meaning that students have the opportunities to meet with doctors, patients and discuss real clinical situations as early as the second year. LSMU is a very culturally diverse university, we have students from African countries, European countries, Asia, and America. On this note, representation is very important. It helps prospective students to feel, absorbed and to possibly satisfy the common curiosity of every foreign student about integration at the university. The reasons, I decided to join the outstanding list of current Ambassadors are to provide support, information about the study life at the university and in the city to any prospective foreign student.

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Name: Ujunwa Benardeth Ekweogu

Study programme: Applied Public Health
Study year: 3

Studying abroad as an international student can be challenging at times but one thing I have come to like about studying at LSMU is the relationship that exists between the teachers and the students. This makes adjusting to a new environment so easy because I know that they are my friends and I can always talk to them about everything. Also, the presence of so many international students makes it, even more, better knowing that there are many of you here and you will have the opportunity to interact and learn about new cultures as well as make new friends. I'm grateful that I'm studying Public Health at LSMU because I have talented professors who have expanded my knowledge in the field and the environment is welcoming and student friendly.