Residency at LSMU

Residency in Medicine is a third cycle university studies in medicine, designed for the physicians seeking to acquire or to change the specialization of the professional qualification in medical practice. After the completion of studies, the residents receive the residency certificates stating the professional qualification.

Residency in Lithuanian university of health sciences and the final exam are provided in Lithuanian language.

The duration of residency study programmes is 3-6 years depending on the programme.

Admission interview usually in May-June

Application time usually: June

Documents needed for application:requireddocumentsschema.png (zoomed, 900x476)

  1. Medical school diploma (masters), recognized by Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education. Documentation requirements
  2. Your Internship (qualification of Medical doctor (Physician) has to be validated by State Health Care Accreditation Agency under Ministry of Health. Recognition of profesional qualifications
  3. Certificate of the Lithuanian knowledge (B1 level). Exam in Examination center
  4. License of Medicine doctor issued by State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health. Licencing of doctors
Information also may be obtained from LSMU International relations and study center:+370 37 326433 or LSMU Postgraduate study center +370 37 326168.