Project "The edible coating formulated with liquid acid whey protein and bioactive compounds, and biopackaging for safety and quality of probiotic cheese"

Project promoter: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, LSMU, LT

Project leader:
M. Malakauskas,

Project manager
: L.

Project partners:

Nofima, NO; I. Rud

Latvian University of Agriculture, LV; S. Muizniece-Brasava

Biotechnology Competence Centre, BioCC OÜ, EE, E.  Tammsaar

Funding scheme: EEA Financial Mechanism

Total cost:
€ 973530  

01/01/2021 – 31/12/2023

Acknowledging existing demand for sustainable, safe and healthy foods our project team recognizes the opportunities to expand the usage of natural bioactive components and liquid acid whey in a form of cheese coating and bio packaging and sets up the project aim: to develop an edible coating formulated with liquid acid whey protein concentrate and bio active compounds, in combination with biodegradable packaging to ensure safety, extend the shelf life and enhance functionality of probiotic cheese.



  • To develop edible coating formulated with liquid acid whey protein concentrate as a carrier for the bioactive compounds;
  • To select the biodegradable packaging with proper physicochemical and microbiological parameters suitable for probiotic cheese;
  • To analyze an effect of combining both edible coating and biodegradable packaging on safety and quality of probiotic cheese during the storage;
  • To analyze interaction on the contact surface of coating and cheese between protective lactic acid bacteria in the coating and probiotic bacteria in the cheese;
  • To analyze the intestinal health impact of the novel cheeses by in vitro digestion and fermentation.

Outcome: Biocoat prototype; patented edible coating, scientific production.

August 24, 2021 organised webinar „Answering the demand for sustainable, safe, and healthy foods: BIOCOAT project“ (webinar programme).